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Scib 10ah or 20ah 4mm stud standard buss bar sets

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Buss Bar sets for Scib 10ah/20AH Lto prismatic 10ah 2.3v cells with a 4mm stud.  CNC Machined from 6061 aluminum.  Included 6mm cell nuts, lug bolts and balaner screws.  Avaialble in 2 bank(20/40ah), 3 bank(30/60ah), 4 bank(40/80ah, 5 bank(50/100ah), 6 bank(60/120ah), 8 bank(80/160ah), 10 bank(100/200ah), and 12 bank(120/240ah) in a 6 series configuration for a 13.8v cell rating. Machined from 6061 aluminum and includes 4mm cell nuts, 5/16" lug bolts and balancer screws.